Semi-automatic Bag-in-Box filler is designed for filling final products in Bag-in-Box packagings.

Main features:

  • Hot filling of bags from 3 litres up to 20 litres.
  • The possibility of filling bags with holes and valves of different sizes.
  • Manual placing of bags on filling space.
  • Reservoir for juice stabilisation and deaeration after pasteurization (hot-filling).
  • Float inside the reservoir for regulation of liquid level.
  • Opening the bag – removal of tap with gripper.
  • After pressing Start, filling starts automatically.
  • Pre-vacuuming of bags before filling.
  • Filling valve with pneumatic opening and closing without leakage.
  • Closing of bag with gripper.
  • Touchscreen panel.
  • Electromagnetic flowmeter.
  • Repeatability of volumes with an error of ± 0,5 %.
  • Adjustable filling table under the filling valve.
  • Working surface of the table consists of rods for easier cleaning.
  • Washing nozzle.
  • Air compressor for operating the valve.
  • Easy cleaning of filler, without closed or unreachable places.
  • Mounted on pivoting wheels.


  • Special gun for Bag-in-Drum filling.
  • Without reservoir for cold-filling (wine filling).