Doypack New

DOYPACK Pouch for Baby Food, Snacks, Beverages & More. The newest, patented Doypack technology for various liquids, purees and ready meals is a huge step forward making the market even more convenient for producers and customers. While the world invents more and more restrictions on plastic and glass packages, the Doypack pouch not only offers convenience – it is more eco-friendly than other packages, creating more possibilities for the second life of the pouch. Aside of these advantages, the Doypack pouch is more lightweight than other packages, it takes less space when transporting and storing and is more economical. Such package stands by itself, is resistible to outside substances (such as air) and strong – there is no risk of breaking comparing to glass. In addition to that, Doypack is a commercial package, offering a big print area for commercial communication. Doypack pouch is already widely used in various industries, such as baby food, snacks, fruit purees, pet food and even pharmacy. It is a great innovation which is beneficial for producers as well as consumers.

Stand up Pouch for Soups.png