Nowadays disinfectant fluid is one of the most popular and important products in the whole all world. Our Bag in Box and Super Pouch packaging is ideal and beneficial for filling, storing and transporting disinfectant fluid in various sizes. We offer Bag in Box packages in volumes 0,75 l - 5 l and Super Pouch (Stand up Pouch) packages in volumes 0,75 l - 220 l.

Bag in Box packages not only offer possibilities to fill disinfectant fluid into different-sized packages but also offers the most convenient way of transporting the liquds (by putting Bag in Box packaging one onto another). Super Pouch packaging (also known ans Stand up Pouch and Pouch-up) also provides a much more aesthetical and deluxe look as well as especially easy using. The wide range of sizes, convenient transport and user-friendly technology are not only benefits of the packaging for disinfectant fluid. They are also eco-friendly and provide a large amount of commercial space on the surface of box or pouch. 

In addition to that, we also rent our Bag in Box and Super Pouch filling equipment as well as offer filling service for all your needs.

Still deciding whether Bag in Box and Super Pouch packaging is the best for your disinfectant fluid? Contact us via email or phone and we will answer all your questions and send samples of this packaging so you can test our highest quality by yourself!

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