Washer is designed for washing and cleaning fruit before processing. Fruit in the washer is washed with water and soft brushes which leave it intact.

Main features:

  • Entirely made of stainless steel.
  • Mounted on pivoting wheels.
  • Brushes made of non-toxic material.
  • Detachable brushes for easy cleaning after use.
  • Easy cleaning of the whole washer after use.
  • Washer cover can be opened.
  • Operation at central command box.
  • Speed regulation with frequency converter – the speed of the washer dictates the capacity of the processing line.
  • Gradual exchange of water during washing: inflow of fresh water at the exit of fruits from washer, outflow of wastewater at overflow at the entrance of fruits in the washer.
  • Long slide at the outlet for draining fruits and removal of impurities (e.g. leaves).