SEMIFLOW 300 is designed for filling hot and cold liquids into Bag in Box and Super Pouch packaging.

Main features:

       Capacity – 300 pcs. of 3 liter bags per hour.

       Hot and cold filling of bags and pouches from 0,5 liter up to 220 liters.

       The possibility of filling bags and pouches with different closures.

       Integrated buffer tank for hot filling.

       The float is integrated inside the buffer tank for regulation of liquid level.

       Pre-vacuuming of bags and pouches before filling.

       Touchscreen panel.

       Repeatability of volumes with an error of ± 0,5 %.

       Easy-to-adjust filling table for different volumes of bags and pouches.

       Working surface of the table consists of conveyor rollers which are easy to clean and help for the smooth slide of the bags and pouches.

       Easy to clean after work.

       Mounted on pivoting wheels.