AQUA 3000

AQUA 3000 is designed for washing and cleaning fruits and vegetables before processing. Fresh water and and soft brushes, which leave product intact, wash gently and cleanly.

Capacity – 3000 kg/h.

Main features:

Entirely made of stainless steel.

Mounted on pivoting wheels.

Easy cleaning of the whole washer after use.

Washer cover can be opened for inspection and cleaning.

Operation at the central command box.

The speed of the washer is adjustable - the speed of the washer dictates the capacity of the processing line.

Gradual exchange of water during the washing: the inflow of fresh water comes in at the exit of the washer, the outflow of the wastewater goes out through the small tube at the entrance the washer.

Long slide at the outlet for draining fruits and removal of dirt (e.g. leaves, branches, etc.).