A Bag in Box package or BiB is a type of container for the storage and transportation of liquids. It consists of a strong bladder (or a plastic bag), usually made of several layers of metalized film or other plastics, seated inside of a corrugated fiberboard box. The bag is supplied to a company which will fill it as an empty pre-made bag.

Bag in box packages are videly used in:

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Wine, water, juice, spirits industries

Egg yolks and mélange products

Liquid and paste-like products, pasta, puree, condensed milk

Oil, olive, engine oil industries

  • Components:
  • Valves
  • Caps
  • Plugs
  • Materials:
  • Combined barrier material
  • Metalized/Clear
  • PE film (Color upon request)
  • Volume:
  • 2 - 220 L
  • Other:
  • Irradiation (upon request)
  • Single / WEB