Universal Doypack filler

Technical Specification Sheet 

Universal Semi-automatic Doypack filler is designed to fill various products to different kinds of packaging including Doypacks.

Main features:

  • Hot and cold filling to Doypacks and other containers from 8 ml to 5 l.
  • The possibility of filling spouted and not spouted Doypacks, bottles and other containers with various sizes.
  • Manual placing of packages on a filling space of machinery.
  • Self learning electronic system operation.
  • The touchscreen panel with options such as speed selection, filling time and other.
  • The special function allows to quickly identify the optimal level of product and desired filling speed for any type of container.
  • For each filling recipe it is possible to modify the preset parameters, to adapt the quantity of liquid dispensed to the desired level inside the container.
  • Filling process: positioning the container, loading the desired formula, starting the machine. In the case of containers not present in the memories: selecting the function NEW, selecting the filling speed, starting the machine, identifying the desired level, memorization of the parameters, filling the product.
  • The option to equip the machine with a support fork for the container and a pneumatic bag sealing system.
  • The operator leads the head in the two positions (filling / capping) and activates the capper with a lateral control.
  • The machinery can be sanitized both with the use of cleaning liquids started in the circuit and with the use of machinery for steam sterilization.
  • Machinery is produced in EU and meets all the highest quality requirements.